Caring for our warfighters and veterans.

STS Federal specializes in providing a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare-specific solutions. Our healthcare services include expert professionals, program management, and effective program implementation strategies in support of the federal government and U.S. military.

STS Federal offers healthcare professionals and ancillary healthcare workers who provide medical care to our military servicemembers and their dependents.

A full range of healthcare services and professionals include:

  • Acupuncturists

  • Art Therapists

  • Certified Athletic Trainers

  • Certified Genetics Counselors

  • Certified Nursing Assistants

  • Certified Pulmonary Technicians

  • Clinical Pharmacists

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Clinical Social Workers

  • Dental Assistants

  • Dental Hygienists

  • Dieticians

  • Family Practice Nurse Practitioners

  • Family Practice Nurses

  • Labor & Delivery Nurses

  • Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses

  • Medical Administrators

  • Medical Assistants

  • Medical Laboratory Technicians

  • Nurse Case Managers

  • Optometrists

  • Ortho Nurses

  • Pediatric Nurses

  • Pharmacists

  • Pharmacy Technicians

  • Phlebotomists

  • Physical Therapist Assistants

  • Physical Therapists

  • Physicians

  • Physician Assistants

  • Respiratory Therapists

  • Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Utilization Managers

STS Federal healthcare solutions extend to all services that prevent, alleviate, cure or treat human illness, physical disability or injury.

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