Driven and skilled candidates means everyone wins.

As the premier talent acquisition leader in the defense and high technology industries, STS Federal is dedicated to bringing you the most skilled and driven candidates to support our simulation, medical, training and aerospace clients.

STS Federal uses our ongoing strategies to find specialists, leaders, and future leaders to meet your organizational needs.

Our talent acquisition division focuses on long-term human resources planning to not only find appropriate candidates for an organization’s specific skillset needs, but also bringing in candidates to help connect them with their dream jobs.

The STS Federal talent acquisition process involves several complex steps, with the most essential of those including: lead generation, recruiting and attracting top candidates, interview and assessment, evaluating references, selecting the best candidates, and finally hiring and onboarding.

We believe that talent acquisition is one of the most critical building blocks of every organization, and STS Federal is ready to partner with you to ensure your company finds the best people to help you reach success.

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