Supporting our nation’s defense,

serving warfighters.

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) services for the federal government advanced science, cutting-edge technology, and leverage scientific and non-scientific talents to strengthen the domestic defensive posture for the United States defense mission.

The Department of Defense is dedicated to creating, promoting, encouraging, and advancing a full range of efforts to drive innovation and efficient technological solutions to help protect our nation and better equip warfighters.

STS Federal supports this mission by offering a full range of SETA services providing expert technical assistance on national efforts that contribute to maintaining and expanding the capabilities of the Department of Defense, which include:

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Budget Assistants

  • Computer Scientists

  • Cybersecurity Analysts

  • Inventory Management Specialists

  • Logistical Support Personnel

  • Military Analysts

  • Operations Research Analysts

  • Product/Project Coordinators

  • Project Engineers

  • Publication Specialists

  • Security Specialists

  • Senior Advisors

  • Software Engineers

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Supply Specialists

  • Synthetic Environment Engineers

  • Systems Architects

  • Systems Engineers

  • Training Specialists

  • Visual Engineers

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